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Design, Collateral

Page Turner

John actually wrote the chapter on layout for The Essential Principles of Graphic Design
Collateral is a funny word, but it is an essential aspect of your communications. Whether an event invitation, a conference program, an annual report, or a crisp new brochure, your print materials speak to your audience on a number of levels.

Design, Packaging

Buy Me

We have been honored to design packaging for Hasbro, Coca-Cola, Honest Tea, Warner Bros, Discovery, National Geographic, numerous record labels and many others
What separates your product in the marketplace? How do you differentiate yourself from the competiton? How do you jump off the shelf or out of the screen? It is literally the difference between commercial life and death.

Design, Logos


Your logo speaks for you at all times. Thank you for entrusting us to help you find that unique voice.
Logo design is the most challenging design of all. With nothing to hide behind, it must communicate clearly, whether embroidered on a hat or as a four story tall neon sign.

Design, Books

Read Me

John has authored 8 books, co-authored 3 and designed over 50. He really loves books!
We love to read. Both our office and our home are covered in books. Books make your life better. They also require a very particular set of skills to do really really well. Readability balanced with engagement, and cover designs that demand to be opened.

Design, Posters

Wall Art

We are proud to have a number of our posters in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian.
Large and in charge, poster design can serve as a mini billboard screaming promotion to everyone who passes, or it can serve as a valuable form of merchandise all on it’s own.

I Can Draw

John’s illustrations have been honored by everyone from Communication Arts to the ADDYs.
Illustrations remain a big part of our design work, but sometimes we enjoy just doing the image creation portion of the problem-solving.

Design, Interactive

Pixel Magic

We can create interactive media and sites in house and we also partner with experts in e-commerce for our retail projects.
Whether launching a huge retail site for a coffee company, dazzling with a social media campaign for a massive event, or creating a digital sales catalog for The SPY Museum, our skills make the most of current technology.

Design, Wearables

Draped In Cool

Our wearables have served as merchandise for esteemed museums and performing arts centers and cutting edge post punk bands and pro wrestlers.
Some incredibly nice people with shockingly good taste have decided that they would like to wear our designs on their bodies and actually walk all over town. We love those people.

Design, About

Happy To Meet You

Awards and a list of clients, plus dog photos await you when you click the highlighted text!
We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and going above and beyond the problem at hand. John’s hair disappeared long ago but our passion for design is as strong as ever. That passion eats spinach like Popeye. Seriously.

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